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LASE Innovation Multi-pass flow™ cytometry services

High-marker flow data in under 30 days!

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Powered by Laser Particle™ (LP) Optical Barcodes​

LP™ cell barcoding technology enables unprecedented single-cell data sets, including the ability to monitor individual cell responses over time, something no other technology can do at this scale.

Schematic of multi-pass flow cytometry

This groundbreaking technology has been highly validated and tested and is now being offered via CaaS partnership between Talon Biomarkers and LASE Innovation.

Check out the recent Nature Biomedical Engineering paper that details the development of a cyclic 30-marker flow cytometry panel with exquisite data quality using only the best, most spectrally separated fluors.

Multi-pass flow vs. Status Quo Flow Compensation Matrices

Compare spillover compensation matrices between Multi-pass flow cytometry and conventional OMIP-60!

How does it work?

Talon Biomarkers

Talon biomarkers

LASE Innovation and our partner Talon Biomarkers will provide you with a proposal and an estimated timeline.  Most panels can be designed in 3 weeks and first data sets available in <30 days!

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 *LASE Innovation currently accepting human PBMCs or Human Cell lines for Multi-pass flow cytometry at this time

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