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LASE Innovation and Talon Biomarkers Sign Strategic Service Provider Partnership

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Woburn, Mass., and Whippany, NJ., January 8, 2024–LASE Innovation (LASE), a developer of the groundbreaking LP Cell Barcoding™ platform and Talon Biomarkers, a contract research organization focusing high content immune analysis for biomarker discovery, have announced a strategic service provider partnership.  

The partnership pairs LASE’s LP Cell Barcoding platform with Talon Biomarkers industry-leading expertise in the development and application of flow cytometry and single-cell technology.

Talon Biomarkers was founded, and is led, by Pratip K. Chattopadhyay, Ph.D., an internationally recognized leader in immune monitoring and flow cytometry. Dr. Chattopadhyay has performed pioneering work in single cell technology, including introducing 20- and 30-parameter flow cytometry experiments, quantum dots, and brilliant violet dyes, and helping to develop CITE-Seq.

Under the terms of the agreement, Talon Biomarkers will exclusively offer LASE’s Multi-pass and Time-lapse flow cytometry services to Talon’s customers, from small biotechnology to large pharmaceutical companies.

Multi-pass flow cytometry enables faster access to high-marker panels by leveraging LASE’s LP Cell Barcoding to run a series of smaller panels in succession, achieving 20- and 30-marker targets with less reliance on esoteric colors and complex compensation matrices, yielding better, more robust data.  Time-lapse flow cytometry provides the unprecedented ability to monitor the same cells in a population over various time periods providing valuable dynamic single-cell data sets.

“We are happy to expand our partnership with Talon Biomarkers and Dr. Chattopadhyay and finally offer customers an option for rapid and high quality high-parameter flow cytometry data through our Multi-pass flow technology,” said Sheldon J.J. Kwok, Ph.D., co-founder, and CEO of LASE Innovation. “Talon are true leaders in providing high impact data sets for their biopharmaceutical clinical research customers.  Having access to the Multi-pass flow technology will dramatically reduce high marker panel design time and get data back into their customer’s hands quickly.”

“Talon Biomarkers was founded on the principle that contract flow cytometry services should be fast, precise, and powerful – like a bird of prey. With LASE’s LP cell barcoding technology, we can create custom, high-marker panels faster than ever before. We now have the power of high parameter data, with the ease of low parameter experiments.  Thanks to LASE, we have another exciting and innovative way to generate high quality, high impact data for our customers. We’re excited for the contributions Talon and LASE will make to the biomedical community through our shared efforts.”

About LASE Innovation

LASE Innovation, founded in 2018 and based in Boston, is advancing biomedical research with their patented LP Cell Barcoding™ technology, enabling massively multiplexed barcoding of cells and the unprecedented ability to connect data across multiple single cell and omics platforms including flow cytometry, imaging, and RNA-sequencing. LASE Innovation is in the late stages of development of their flagship LASE Cytometer and LP tagging technology enabling Time-lapse flow™ and Multi-pass flow™ cytometry applications that promise to revolutionize how users approach flow cytometry experiments and researchers connect their data across the myriad of platforms leading to accelerated discoveries for health and disease.

About Talon Biomarkers

Talon Biomarkers was founded, and is led, by Pratip K. Chattopadhyay, Ph.D.  Pratip is an internationally recognized leader in immune monitoring and flow cytometry.  He developed the first assay for capture of live antigen-specific CD4+ T-cells, introduced quantum dots, brilliant violet, and live/dead fixable dyes, performed the first 20- and 30-parameter flow cytometry experiments, and helped develop CITE-Seq.

He has deep expertise as a translational scientist, building his career at Johns Hopkins, the NIH, and as faculty at NYU before starting Talon Biomarkers in 2021. Talon recently expanded into a modern 3000 square-foot facility in New Jersey’s pharmaceutical belt.

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